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I am motivated by helping and enabling companies to realize effective adaptions to an ever-changing world


Hans-Christian Grung-Olsen works at Deloitte Norway focusing on process based management, operations and technology, and related topics such as business process analysis, -improvement and -automation, as well as building and improving business management systems and operating models.


* Digital Transformation
* IBPM – Intelligent Business Process Management (e.g Pegasystems, Appian)
* Process-based management / Prosessledelse / Prosessorientert virksomhetsstyring
* Business Management System / Management System (e.g. based on Qualiware, Aris, SoluDyne and similar systems)
* Process discovery, mapping and facilitation / Prosessoppdagelse / -kartlegging og fasilitering
* Continuous improvement & innovation / Kontinuerlig forbedring og innovasjon
* Business Process Improvement / Prosessforbedring
* Business Process Architecture / Process Maps / Processarkitektur / Forretningsarkitektur / Prosesskart
* Functional Architecture / Funksjonell arkitektur og definering av forretningskrav
* Process oriented Performance Management System
* Quality & Compliance / Prosessorientert Kvalitet & Virksomhetsstyring / Samsvar
* Robotic Process Automation (RPA) / RPA Center of Excellence / RPA Governance
* Experience from oil & gas, and apparel/clothing, production, aviation, hotels, public sector and banking.
* Experience from multiple disciplines (product development, procurement, accounting, production, HR, IT, HSSE, project management, management processes, company specific core processes, and more)
* Masters degree in Economics & Business Administration – Strategy and Management specialization

– Was guest speaker for the masters degree subject “Process- and Quality Management”, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) 2015.03.04
– Published research paper “Process Management & Innovation” (Iden, Andestand & Grung-Olsen, 2013) (link – In Norwegian)


For questions, discussion or professional assistance (through Deloitte), please contact me at hgrung-olsen@deloitte.no